Gaia 160 (Gaia 160/O)

Built-in bath tub (160x160)
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Gaia 160 (Gaia 160/O)

Built-in bath tub with the possibility of installing the Luxus massage system that takes your relaxation to a whole new level.

Gaia 160: Corner massage bathtub for built-in installation with a single-hand mixer and a shower handle.

Gaia 160/O: Corner massage bathtub with a panel, single-hand mixer and shower handle.

  • Possibility of mounting a massage system
  • Possibility of mounting an armature with a shower lever



Massage systems
Massage systems

The bath tub offers you the possibility of installing a massage system

Massage systems have an intense effect on the human body, completely regenerating and releasing it.

Massage systems

Possibility of installing a fitting
Possibility of installing a fitting

The fitting with a shower handle can only be installed on the bath tubs with lining

One-hand and stand-alone fittings

Bathtubs with panel can be enriched with a one-hand fitting with a shower handle, whilestand-alone bathtubs can be equipped with a stand-alone Kerrock fitting. All Kolpa san fittings can be found HERE.

The fitting with a shower handle


Bath tub accessories
Bath tub accessories

The prestige is hidden in the accessories

From shower seats, towel holders to towel hooks and glass shelves, mirrors and soap holders – the small, but very necessary bathroom accessories complete the overall appearance of the home bathroom while also perfecting the convenience of use.

All accessories can be found HERE.

Bath tub accessories

Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings
Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings

So that your bathroom will always be shiny.

The full range of products for efficient bathroom cleaning, including cleaners, disinfectants and coatings. Lime scale becomes a thing of the past and your bathroom pleasantly inviting.

The full range of Kolpa san cleaning products can be found HERE.

Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings


Sanitary cast acrylic
Sanitary cast acrylic

The most precious polymer material

Kolpa d.d. has more than 35 years of experience in processing sanitary cast acrylic from which our baths and showers are produced.

Main advantages of the sanitary cast acrylic:

  • The most precious polymer material
  • Durable and age-resistant
  • Pleasant to the touch
  • High gloss finish
  • Available in great number of colours
  • Resistant to diluted acids and bases, alcohol, disinfectants, bleach, etc.
  • Energy-saving insulation
  • Throughout evenly dyed material for simple and easy restoration of mechanical damage

Sanitary cast acrylic

Compatible massage systems

System Features
  • water pump
  • air pump
  • 7-8 micro water nozzles
  • 10-12 air nozzles
  • 8 water super nozzles
  • 2 micro water nozzle switches
  • 2x air flow regulator min - max
  • electronic switching on for water and air pump, light, chromotherapy, filtering and heating water
  • water level sensor
  • light with chromotherapy
  • integrated water filter
  • heater for the maintenance of water temperature
  • programming of the desired water temperature
  • waste-overflow set
  • bath tub base
  • Option for certain bath tub models:
  • bath tub lining
Pictures are symbolic. The correct arrangement of the elements is in the TECHNICAL CATALOG.

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