Atys /O

Bathtub with Panel (180×85)
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Atys /O

The Atys Bathtub is made of Kerrock and creates a modern bathroom with its bold and elegant lines.

  • The bathtub has a built-in overflow set
  • Left or right lining layout option
  • Possbillty of mounting the twofold screen
  • Possibility of mounting an armature with a shower lever
  • Possibility of mounting the armature with the shower lever and the filling/draining set
  • Headrest



Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings
Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings

So that your bathroom will always be shiny.

The full range of products for efficient bathroom cleaning, including cleaners, disinfectants and coatings. Lime scale becomes a thing of the past and your bathroom pleasantly inviting.

The full range of Kolpa san cleaning products can be found HERE.

Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings



Resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage

Kerrock is a composite material that has been on the market for many years. Composed of aluminium hydroxide and polymer acrylic-based binding substances, it is appreciated for its exceptional durability and longevity.

It provides an excellent value by being:

  • pleasant to touch
  • easy to clean
  • non-porous
  • of a uniform structure through the entire depth
  • resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage
  • fireproof


Pictures are symbolic. The correct arrangement of the elements is in the TECHNICAL CATALOG.


LengthWidthVolumeTotal height
Atys 180x85 /O180 cm85 cm225 l60 cm

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