Shower tray made of cast marble (140×90, 140×80, 120×90, 120×80, 100×90, 100×80, 90×90)
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This shower tray boasts a modern design, is easy to maintain and provides durability for long-lasting use. 

  • Up to 30% lighter and easier to carry and install.
  • Easy and quick installation using the base.
  • Made of high-quality and durable cast marble material.
  • An aesthetic siphon cover made of kerrock material.
  • The option to instal in the floor level, on the floor, or for tiling.
  • Adaptable to any space – 7 dimensions available.

Suitable for Kolpasan shower enclosures:
Polaris Q SBR, Polaris Q Black, Polaris N SBR, Polaris N Black, Polaris D+W SBR, Polaris D+W Black, Polaris fold Q SBR, Polaris fold Q Black, Polaris fold N SBR, Polaris fold N Black, Polaris fold D+W SBR, Polaris fold D+W Black, Andromeda Q SBR, Andromeda Q Black, Andromeda N SBR, Andromeda N Black, Andromeda D+W SBR, Andromeda D+W Black, Atlas TKK, Atlas TV/S, Atlas TV+TSv, Calypso WIN SBR, Calypso WIN Black, Calypso WO SBR, Calypso WO Black, Virgo UNI TK SBR, Virgo UNI TK Black, Virgo UNI TV2D/S, Libra Q SBR, Libra Q Black, Libra N SBR, Libra N Black, Libra DW SBR, Libra DW Black, Montes TK, Montes TV2D/S, Dorsa TK, Dorsa TV2D/S, Pulsar TKK, Pulsar TV2D/S, Pulsar TV2D+TSv, SQ Line TKK, SQ Line TV2D/S, SQ Line TV2D/S+TS, SQ Line TV2D/S+2xTS, SQ Line TV4D/S, SQ Line TV4D/S+TS, Luna TV3D/S, Luna TV3D/S+TSv3D, Luna TVZ/S, Luna TVZ/S+TSvZ, Luna TVO/S, Eco Quat TKK SBR, Eco Quat TKK Black.

Prikaz tuš kadi za vgradnjo
Shower tubs for installation
Prikaz montaže tuš kadi za na tla
Shower tubs for floor installation
Prikaz montaže tuš kadice v nivo tal
Shower tubs for installation at floor level



Cast marble


Possibility of mounting a shower cabin

  • Rectangular
  • Square


Cast marble
Cast marble

Smooth shiny surface

Cast marble products have been present in the market for many years, complying with the highest standards in design, aesthetics and resistance.

Cast marble is distinguished by:

  • Smooth shiny surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long service life
  • Simple installation
  • Resistance to chemicals

Within the Kolpasan programme cast marble is used for bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins for bathroom furniture. It is composed of two layers; the top layer is made of pigmented high-quality polyester resin, while the central part is made of polyester concrete – 80% calcite and polyester resin.

Cast marble

Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings
Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings

So that your bathroom will always be shiny.

The full range of products for efficient bathroom cleaning, including cleaners, disinfectants and coatings. Lime scale becomes a thing of the past and your bathroom pleasantly inviting.

The full range of Kolpa san cleaning products can be found HERE.

Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings


Possibility of installing a shower cabin
Possibility of installing a shower cabin

A shower tub enables you to install a shower cabin

Wing screens for bathtubs

If you use your bathtub to shower, you no longer need to put additional towels in front of the bathtub – instead you can add a wing screen to your bathtub.

You can choose from the families: Sqline, Sole and Quat

Possibility of installing a shower cabin

Pictures are symbolic. The correct arrangement of the elements is in the TECHNICAL CATALOG.


LengthWidthTotal height
140×90 (O)140 cm90 cm4 cm
140×80 (O)140 cm80 cm4 cm
120×90 (O)120 cm90 cm4 cm
120×80 (O)120 cm90 cm4 cm
100 x 90100 cm90 cm4 cm
100×80 (O)100 cm80 cm4 cm
90×90 (O)90 cm90 cm4 cm

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