Would you mind having a spa right at your home?

Enjoyhaving a spa right at your home, now available at KOLPA SAN. Have amassage system of your choice installed in your KOLPA SAN bathtub ofany type. Select from the Water Massage Systems I and II, water andair massage systems combined or the De Luxe System.

Nowadays,hand massage is being increasingly replaced by water massage. Waterhitting the body provides an effect similar to hand massage. Inaddition, you can enjoy it at any moment desired. In contrast to thehand massage, no pain is felt in the muscles following the watermassage.

Water is amajor part of the human body, life and civilisation. We are beingaccompanied by water from birth to death. Water is source of life,means of purification and renewal, providing a beneficial effect onthe body and a direct impact on health.

Why is itgood to have an integrated massage system built into your bath tub?

  • Massage has since ever been a method to improve the well-being
  • By massage, functioning of the lymphatic and blood circulation are improved
  • By massage, stress and tension are relieved and, consequently, insomnia
  • Body is faster regenerated and toxins are easily excreted from the body