How to get the siphon clean again?

The reasons for clogged drains can be several, usually it is soap mixed with hair. A compressed ball of dirt is probably hiding right at the bottom of the stopper or slightly lower in the siphon.For the most effective cleaning of siphon, it is best to plan in advance the layout of your bathtub and shower tray.Now a dry mounting option is available at KOLPA SAN, meaning that the bathtub and the shower tray are simply overlaid with cast sanitary acrylic cladding, allowing an easy access to the siphon.With the built-in mode, where the outer sides of the bathtub and shower are tiled, an installation of a grill- or magnet plate-covered port is recommended, which in case of clogging can be opened to access the blocked siphon.The most obvious solution is to use a market available chemical cleaner. However, caution is required, as an incorrect use can lead to the formation of new deposits, or can even destroy the trap and cause damage to the pipes.A second alternative is available right at your household. To decompose the deposits, some carbonic acid is required. This is done with a few tablespoons of baking powder or Natron, which, together with half a cup of vinegar, shall be poured down the drain. Few minutes later, rinse the drain thoroughly by using hot water.But it might suffice to use the shower tube. Close the overflow of the tub, unscrew the handle of the shower and set the tube into the hole of the drain mesh while closing the other openings with a cloth. Then open the hot water to wash out all the openings.A rubber bell is used by many for that purpose. In this case, do not forget to close the overflow with a wet cloth to stop the air escaping through it.