What do I need in the bathroom; who will be using the bathroom?

Before you start furnishing the bathroom, you must ask yourself the following questions:
1. Who will be using the bathroom: one person, a couple, a family with children, or elderly people?
2. Will the bathroom be used by several persons at a time?
3. Do you want to have a separate area for toilets?
4. How often will the bathroom in use?
5. Do you prefer taking a shower, relaxing in a bathtub or both?

Advice: If you are furnishing a bathroom that will be used also by children, you need to make sure that everything is
at hand’s reach, and most of all that children will be able to use the bathroom safely - protect any sharp edges and
don’t forget about footstools. If the bathroom is intended for elderly people, choose products that are easy to use, i.e.
products with lowered sides, install additional seats into shower cubicles or choose such that already contain them; for
additional safety, attach handles around the bathtub, in the shower cubicle and next to the toilet.